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Financial Coaching Services

Did you know that 78% of households live paycheck to paycheck? Nearly this same percentage of households do not have a written plan. Coincidence? I don’t think so.


How much money are you losing every month by not having a clear financial plan? Hundreds? Thousands? Would finding that extra money help you to achieve some short and long term goals that have seemed out of reach? What would happen to the quality of your life and your relationships if you managed your income better? 


It’s never too late to start! Schedule a free coaching session today.

Why Work With A Financial Coach?

Here is what you can expect:

  • A personalized plan that includes short and long term objectives
  • Practical solutions to the money challenges that may be negatively affecting your quality of life.
  • A real person on your team who cares and will provide the support and accountability you’re looking for.
  • Peace of mind that comes with having control over your money.
  • Money management habits that will serve you for a lifetime and allow you to build wealth wisely. 

How Does It Work?

For our first session, we simply talk about your financial history and objectives. This is a complimentary meeting where I further introduce myself and get to know your individual circumstances.

If you decide to move ahead in the process, we meet either in person or online using Zoom, an online meeting platform, and you can email and call me with questions in between coaching sessions. This second meeting is a session in which I provide you with a comprehensive assessment, we discuss your goals, outline a customized plan together for what we will focus on in the next six months, and we build your budget together line by line. I also provide budgeting forms, financial planning tools, and other resources that I hand-pick for you, based on your lifestyle, goals, and personality.

Here is my 7-step coaching process.

What do you pay?

As someone who understands the emotional and relational stress that money problems can produce, my primary objective is to help guide you into a healthier financial state. One way to better achieve this is by you devoting as much money as possible toward getting out of debt. If my coaching fee adds additional financial burden to your life, then how am I helping?


In addition to helping you avoid unnecessary stress, I want to give you a way to help others get out of debt and achieve financial peace. You will feel an even deeper sense of fiscal fitness when you let the fruit of your hard work overflow to others.


To achieve these two goals,  my clients pay an upfront fee of $199, then an open-ended monthly amount of $8.28. This is small enough to substantially lower the financial burden during the most difficult stretch (the beginning), and is possible in large part because of the continuing monthly contributions of others that have emerged from the coaching process in a much stronger financial position and have joined me in helping people like you pursue fiscal fitness. So for the cost of about two cups of coffee a month, you can partner with an experienced and professional financial coach to both change your life and the lives of countless others. Learn more.


For those that do not wish to commit to the open-ended plan, my per session rate is $199.


Questions about financial coaching? Email Kevin at kevin@fiscally.fit or schedule your free consultation

What you get:

  • Monthly In-depth Coaching Sessions
  • Progress Tracking and Analysis
  • Ongoing Email and Phone Support
  • Premium Budgeting Tools and Forms
  • Accountability 
  • Vetted Professional Referrals for Insurance, Estate Planning, Taxes, and Investments